Thursday, October 06, 2005


To your right, you'll notice that I added a link to the WebBoard login page.

Although it's a bit of an inconvenience, I'd propose that we use both. The WB, with its login requirements, is great for posting files, "private" papers, etc. but it's not accessible to others in the field who may be interested in what we're doing, won't show up in Google searches, etc. and I'd like to continue to engage in an "open" dialogue (or monologue) with the world -- in case there's anyone beyond us who cares.

For both systems, there's an option post via email, and to have postings emailed to you. So it's not terribly inconvenient to stay abreast of the postings on both without having to log in. And, since we've already invested a half semester on the blog, I'd sort of hate to abandon it now.


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