Monday, September 19, 2005

Nicolas Nova

Again, thanks go out to Nicolas Nova (his blog: Pasta and Vinegar) for a comment of fabulous references -- he's doing much of my legwork for me (thanks!!), and clearly, he's much further in his knowledge of this stuff than I am. So thanks Nicolas, for helping me play catch-up. My take on AR Gaming is slightly different than yours, but you sure have collected a huge base of resources including those in your comment:Part of my problem is that I still don't know exactly what I'm searching for. I suppose part of my goal this semester is to come up with a narrower goal. I'm currently in a "I'll know it when I see it" mode, but there's really too much out there that interests me, and more being created everyday. In a way, it reassures me that I can focus on my particular woods-based game, without needing to know *everything* else that's going on -- there's just too much. That said, again, it's nice to keep at somewhat familiar with such a growing field, and nice to be in touch with someone who's considerably more familiar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're welcome! I am pleased to see the pervasive gaming research community growing.

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