Wednesday, September 14, 2005

meeting 9-14-05

Started with a discussion on what format our conversations, resources, etc. should take place in. The blog is, duly noted, very linear. Maybe a course site that could house files, etc. or a wiki. We'll have to get Kurt to set us up.

Matt's asking what spaces are not traditionally gaming spaces -- theatre, sports, etc. (which, in a way are both very gamelike, but Matt's talking about a way to break down the walls between player and observer). How is this already happening in things like reality TV (he mentioned the INXS new lead singer show).

Categories of delineation on our site. How do we define them there? Suggestion is to start with a few articles on AR and related terms, and use the authors' definitions. Then we can discuss and argue them from our own perspectives.

Start with theories of space, design, games, ideas of AR and conventional reality, methodologies on how to conduct this sort of research.

Distributed Cognition (Solomon and Pea, Roy D. 1997) might deal with the lack of sense of place in Activity Theory. Liz Ellsworth also deal with this, as does Brian Matsumi. Matt says someone on campus in Geography (Yi-fu Tuan) contrasts "space" and "place" (place has an idividual or cultural memory to it). Context is a big part of it. "Space and PLace: The Perspective of Experience" (

Also maybe look at David Shaffer's Epistemic Frames/Games.

UK Steven Benford "Mixed Realities" Group might have more...

For next week, our discussions will focus on the frameworks. And John and Mingfong will try to get a Learn@UW (and/or Wiki) site going.


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