Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Where is the goal that guides our tour? How might this tour be like?

Hey folks,

The messages being posted are really helpful and I think this collective data mining could eventually lead to a fruitful outcome for all of us in this learning community.

While we have no questions regarding what we think we want to do, I think it pays to go a little bit further by imaging where we are and how we get there when this study comes to a temporarily end in December? An explicit goal that we set up at this moment is no doubt not a final goal since we enter the realm with very little knowledge about the overall landscape. While Kurt is looking downward from the hill, with the overall atlas in mind, I am looking upward from the valley an sketchbook in which the map will be drawn. The good news is that we each comes from a different valley and together we might be able to reach somewhere that we could not have reached alone.

Hence I propose that we write down what we wish to achieve and how we want to achieve that goal here. It helps us to think over what we need to do and how our researches can be added on to the others.

(I will attache my goal here later)


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