Sunday, September 18, 2005

John's Goals

My goals for this semester:
  1. To gain a broad survey-level understanding of the field of location-aware handheld games, and to create a brief review of this literature
  2. To differentiate the subtleties between, and to define, Augmented Reality, Hybrid Reality, Mixed Reality, and other related nomenclature
  3. To learn and be comfortable with the RiverCity Game editor, so I can quickly create and modify "customized" games.
  4. To figure out how to tie in, without drowning in, Social Computing, Pervasive/Continuous Computing, and other aspects inherent in the type of Augmented Reality gaming we are researching.
  5. To structure my research (find and understand a theoretical framework) in such a way as to understand and address the importance of place (social and geographic) in learning.
I suspect I have other goals that I just can't think of right now, and suspect also that some of these will be modified as I learn more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great agenda! I would surely be interested iin knowing more about your research purposes..

useful resources for #1: and and (broad lists of mobile applications but you can pick up some relevant location-based games in it, you can also try typing keywords in the search engine of my blog pasta and vinegar)

2:10 PM  

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