Saturday, September 24, 2005

Space and Place resources

I did a quick Google for Yi-fu Tuan's Space and Place but stumbled upon ° R e s e a r c h ° o n ° P l a c e ° & ° S p a c e ° instead. As with anything, there's plenty of information out there -- it's just a matter of sloughing through it for the stuff that most-directly applies to one's own particular interest without getting sidetracked by the "Oh, that's interesting too..." bug.

This (re-)realization is causing me to once again reconsider, and further narrow, my focus. I'm not sure how to do that, but I think I need to stick with the deeper philosophical/theoretical areas until I get it figured out. Basically, that means learning more about how place is addressed in Distributed Cognition and other socially-situated learning theories (and components -- is it fair to say that Shaffer's epistemic frames and pedagogical praxis, and Gee's theories on Discourse, as well as, possibly all of Activity Theory can now be filed under, or seen as a part of Distributed Cognition? Mingfong, what do you think?).

I guess I'm looking for a "unifying theory" a way to unify an existing theory with enough of an emphasis on place to satisfy my value of the importance of place.


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