Friday, October 21, 2005

Wikipedia + GPS

Here's what I'd love to see in the near future: A wearable (or handheld) location-enabled (GPS or WiFi, or other) computer that you can access at any location to find out "official" and unofficial information and opinions about, and have the ability to add your own. In other words, take a project like LifeClipper (non-Flash Wikipedia entry), mix it with GPSter and geograffiti and a web-based version of Murmur and throw in Google Earth for good measure.

The result is a powerhouse of a personal assistant. Take notes (or pics, audio, video) of a location with your own annotations, and when you return to the location your "memory" of the event is jogged like it's never been jogged before. And access others' public notes of the place. Upload pics of the place before development, articles and stories of its history, etc.

Or, play a number of games developed for the area. When touring Europe, access historical info about the sites while you "play" the DaVinci Code game. Choose the info about the place that interests you. If you're tracing family lineage, battleground history, or just looking for a nice latte nearby.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently, it's a feature that will soon be available on Navizon

8:40 PM  
Blogger John Martin said...


Really. It's cool that they're doing this. And I"m only slightly embarrassed at not finding Navizon's project (or when I was looking for resources.

Now -- how to make it easy and mainstream (smartphones).

10:14 AM  

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