Friday, November 04, 2005

Dewey on Space

Chapter 2 of Dewey's (1900) School and Society that Mingfong referred to is available online here.
I found the Dewey article "The School and the Life of the Child" extremely worthy of reading and thinking if we want to claim that we need to extend learning from classroom to a broader, richer context outside of the classroom.
-- mingfong jan
I agree that there's some pretty cool ideas on place and space (simple affordances) here that seems to not be very heavily written about or discussed much in educational research since.

Speaking of exceptions... I just got a copy of Liz Ellsworth's latest (2004) Places Of Learning: Media, Architecture, Pedagogy from Amazon yesterday. Hope to read it this weekend and possibly use for my prelims, which, in light of the new arrival, I've delayed until Monday.


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