Saturday, October 22, 2005


I've been obsessing on this idea since Jim, Mingfong, and I talked about it at Indie Coffee a few weeks ago. I've finally "put pen to paper" (as the saying goes, although "pen" and "paper" are soooo archaic!) and finally fleshed out the idea using Keynote, which I'm beginning to realize may be my preferred method of working out and communicating ideas. (This might be problematic for me as I begin the rather-archaic, text-based Prelim Exam process next week.)

At any rate, building off my last post, and (let me emphasize this) VERY CLOSELY RELATED to my research interest in Augmented Reality Games -- making it a tool for user-production of content (letting the players make their own games). GeoAnnotation is sort of like location-based blogging, and Collaborative Cartography might be seen as a Wiki-Map. But instead of entries existing nowhere tangible in cyberspace, they are grounded to a specific location, thereby also further situating their writers and readers into that place.


Blogger jmmathew said...

John - Very nice keynote! I like the idea of the wiki-style design because it opens up the potential for establishing a community space for posting and sharing geo-/placed-based info – a hopped up version of geo-caching. It could also become similar to podcasts that allow you to download alternative tours of MOMA or other sites so that you can get off the mainstream info grid. Like PDA-based AR it could fit into the critical pedagogy of place -- Imagine a guided tour of the suburbs to get users to question the ethical, social, economic, and environmental issues surrounding suburban sprawl.

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