Monday, March 06, 2006

GLS game update

Spent a few days last week scouting locations for the game. With the conference being specific to the Monona Terrace, I began there. I gathered info that might be interesting and which is context specific. From there, I walked outside and decided that visual interest would define how I moved. Of prominence coming out of the Terrace was the State Capitol. I proceeded. Though once you are in the Capitol I found that my visual guide no longer worked. I was standing in the middle of the rotunda and all directional choices were similar. Delineated by street names and cardinal directions, I wasn't sure exactly which way to proceed. I began to check out each exit, noting differences and where I was being lead to.

Then I began just to map places of interest - I have a long list of possible restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. We might pick up on these as possible sponsors or just point to move from.

Meet with John also and we spoke about how this information might be used. Started with a map and began to draw possible avenues for movement. We made some interesting head way if only for a short period of time.

John - if you read this, I'd like you to comment on your experience of the meeting. What did you find interesting.

Will be meeting with Kurt tomorrow and will like to hear his ideas. Will then hope to have much of the game organized by the end of next week.


Blogger John Martin said...

One of the points that came up in the meeting was the question of how to engage the player in "quests" or problems to (a) make the game meaningful, (b) be appropriate for a casual "test drive" of the game, (c) motivate the player to play, (d) include enough player-generated content to be fun, and less of a "connect-the-dots" tour.

These are big questions, I think.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Mingfong Jan said...

Some ideas to connect to the place--
For many ARGH games, the "contents" were more in the PDA than in the plance where players went through. Players were immersed less in the place than in the PDA. We need to bring place to a higher level of consciousness by doing something.

Here is my suggestion. You guide your players to a certain location to trigger a NPC or Game Item. The NPC or Game Item will guide your players to look at the place in a different way, say, she/he has to look at the different styles of doors, and the door information acquired from that perspective is critical to the game.

By doing that, we force the players to step out from the game to the reality and into the game.

How does that sound like, folks.

6:03 PM  

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