Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Wisconsin" statue

Since 1914, I have been standing here, intimately viewing the actions of Madison from high above its streets. From this perspective, I am able to watch the daily movements of Madison's residents as they go about their activities. I have seen parades and protests, days of warmth and days of cold. There is little that has not happened under my watchful eye.

You see me as a statue, wearing the symbols of the state, gesturing you to continue forward toward the future. My outstreched hand pointing you on. These are the requirements of my position. Unable to move, yet beckoning you on.

As I glisten in the sun, my desire is to be more that just a distance figure. A glimpse in the eye of a tourist. My hope is to represent an idea. An idea that leads to progress and abundance.

Site - The end of MLK Blvd. at the capitol

Challenge - To photograph an idea about progress

Medai - Photo with possible audio


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