Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ogle Earth

If you're interested in place-based stuff, and haven't already been accessing the Ogle Earth site, you should start now. Their list of links has a lot of cool things like Panoramio, and Mappr!, etc. And the blog itself highlights some of the sorts of things potentially of interest to place-based game developers -- for example, the Gombe Chimp Blog post points to a place-based blog done up by the Jane Goodall folks. Pretty cool. Imagine place-based game content on Google Earth, further blending the line between virtual and physical. Especially integrating photos (hey! that's my camera!)


Blogger Eduardo Manchón said...

Thanks John for mentioning Panoramio, I'm glad you like it. We have been working very hard in making a easy-to-use system for geotagging photos. Until now we have more than 36.000 geotagged photos.



12:33 PM  

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