Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Place of Protest

The turbulence of the 1960's swept through Madison like a violent storm.
It was early in this struggle that the University of Wisconsin became a battleground for ever growing negativity toward the Vietnam War.
While the main issue surfacing Madison dealt with research being done by Dow Chemical Company, a supplier of naplam, currents of social and class struggle soon came to the surface with skirmishes between police and students.
Students gathered and police dispursed with ghastly results, beatings and tear gas.
The protest culminated in the 1970 bombing of a Army Mathematics Research Center at the University, killing a research assistant and shocking the anti-war movements.

David Maraniss wrote, "It was simplistic to say that events were turning because of them; the culture was accepting, rejecting, co-opting, adapting, disapproving, and absorbing them at the same time. But if citizens outside the cauldron of the university were offended by the excesses of young radicals, more of them were also growing anxious about Vietnam and what it was doing to America. And in that sense the chaotic Wisconsin protestors were in the vanguard of a movement that before long would be embraced by millions."

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Challenge - Have a peaceful protest

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