Saturday, June 03, 2006

Entertainment in Madison

In the early 20's downtown Madison had a multitude of spaces for entertainment. There was the Capitol, the Strand, the Majestic, and the Orpheum, not to mention many others. You could take in a movie or go see who the lastest act was coming through town.

The Orpheum, inparticular, had several manifestations in Madison. Originally, on the opposite side of the square, where you are standing now is the site of the new Orpheum. Beginning as a place for vaudevillle acts to show off their talents, the space later exclusively began showing films. The owner of the Orpheum at the time of its construction, William Beecroft, was know for going to great extremes to bring in customers. There was a variety of stunts and competitions that were used to get people in the door.

Presently, the Orpheum is used as a restaurant, theatre, and special event venue. If you go inside, take in the lavish architecture and head downstairs to the old smoking lounge.

Across the street from the Orpheum now reside the Overture Center. Madison premiere entertainment facility, the Center is home to the Madison Symphony, Madison Repretory Theater, and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Designed by Caesar Pelli the structure was built through a donation from the Jerome Frauschi Family. Having just been completed this past spring, the Overture is a the jewel of urban development in downtown Madison.

Site - State St.

Challenge - Create your own stunt to bring in customers

Media - Photos


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