Saturday, June 03, 2006

Farmers Market

During the summer months, people congregrate around the Wisconsin State Capitol early on Saturday mornings. They come from places like Blue Mounds, Stoughton, and Mineral Point, bringing products exclusively made in Wisconsin. Tents are erected and signs are hung as the Dane County Farmers' Market begins.

Founded on European ancestors, farmers' markets have sprouted up across the country as a way for communities to support their agriculture and buy fresh, local produce. The Dane County Farmers Market was begun in 1972 by Mayor Bill Dyke to unite the urban and rural cultures, providing a way for city dwellers to reap some of the county's agricultural benefits.

The market is extremely important to the culture of Madison, not only as a way to connect, but as way to socialize. Vendors carry the stories of life in Wisconsin and only need to be asked to share a story. A welcoming face always greets you as meander through the crowds of people.

Site- Capitol Square

Challenge - Find a Wisconsin Made Product

Media - Photo of Market


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