Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Geotagging Flickr pics

There's a not-too-complicated web app to manually generate geotags for your Flickr! photos at beeloop.com. Just
  1. drag and zoom the map center to the location that the pic was taken,
  2. copy and paste info generated in the first field into your Flickr! tags for the pic,
  3. copy and paste info generated in the second field into your Flickr! description of the pic
You end up with something like this:
canvassing our newly made cedar canoe at Flying Moose Lodge, on the weekend, when the boys are back from their trips. Click here to see where this photo was taken. By courtesy of BeeLoop SL (the Mapware & Mobility Solutions Company).
On the cool scale, I'd say this isn't quite as nice as panoramio.com, but it *does* have the Flickr! connection that may be useful.


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