Monday, March 20, 2006

GLS Game Update and Pscyhogeography

Continuing the work on this game for GLS - I had a talk with Kurt Squire and Constance Steinkuhler last Friday. There were several things that came out of it. I've got a better idea of the involvement of NPCs and a good idea for how we are going to develop connections to places. The game will two modes - one that will take place in a short amount of time and the other over the two+ days. So, people can involve themselves on what ever scale they want to. Just some other words that came up - Geocaching, Fantasy, Forward, Social Activity

On a more academic focus, I've come across the term pscyhogeography in a few the searchs I have done on the web. Looking into content on the web, the concern are centered on action with in an environment. For me this is another idea or form of research that could add to our understanding of AR, going along with Activity Theory and Distributed Cognition.


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